Education is about so much more than lectures and homework. East Allen County Schools understand the importance of learning outside of classroom. Whether you play trumpet in marching band or quarterback for the football team, how students spend their time outside the classroom is just as crucial to their development as well they pay attention inside the classroom.

East Allen County Schools provide a myriad of extracurricular activities to serve students and remind them that if they dream it, they can do it.


“East Allen County really makes it a point that  you don’t necessarily have to be athletic, but it’s your passion for your sport that you’re playing [that matters].” -Jasmine Williams


  • Sports: football, basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, cross-country, track, volleyball, gold, tennis, and more.
  • Music and Arts: traditional band, marching band, jazz band, choir, color guard, and more.
  • Clubs: art club, music club, foreign languages, intramurals, and more
  • Academic: academic superbowl, before-after school tutoring, library access, and more.



East Allen County Schools
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