Alumni Story: Trey Cato

Alumni: Paul Harding High School (East Allen University)

Year Graduated: 1992

Profession: Owner, 2K Tight Barber Shop

“High school was fun. It was very energetic.. very educational. [We] had a good principal, good staff, had good students, had good times.” – Trey Cato


About Trey Cato

Trey Cato, owner of 2k Tight Barbershop, is a 1992 graduate of Paul Harding High School. After attending barber school right after high school, Trey purchased a house and set up a 10-seat barber shop.

Trey’s time at Paul Harding High School opened him up to opportunities that he never would have had otherwise. Whether it was colleges, the armed services, or other opportunities, Trey knew that his school was going to equip him for the future.

Trey strives to build relationships with his clients, which is inspired by his time at Paul Harding High School and the way his school always felt like a family. As he was surrounded by so many people who cared about his future and wanted to help him succeed, Trey knew that if he could dream it, he could do it.

East Allen Universty
6501 Wayne Trace
Fort Wayne, IN 46816

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